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Advanced Combinatorics

Advanced Combinatorics

Author: Louis Comtet
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401021961
Pages: 343
Year: 2012-12-06
Notwithstanding its title, the reader will not find in this book a systematic account of this huge subject. Certain classical aspects have been passed by, and the true title ought to be "Various questions of elementary combina torial analysis". For instance, we only touch upon the subject of graphs and configurations, but there exists a very extensive and good literature on this subject. For this we refer the reader to the bibliography at the end of the volume. The true beginnings of combinatorial analysis (also called combina tory analysis) coincide with the beginnings of probability theory in the 17th century. For about two centuries it vanished as an autonomous sub ject. But the advance of statistics, with an ever-increasing demand for configurations as well as the advent and development of computers, have, beyond doubt, contributed to reinstating this subject after such a long period of negligence. For a long time the aim of combinatorial analysis was to count the different ways of arranging objects under given circumstances. Hence, many of the traditional problems of analysis or geometry which are con cerned at a certain moment with finite structures, have a combinatorial character. Today, combinatorial analysis is also relevant to problems of existence, estimation and structuration, like all other parts of mathema tics, but exclusively forjinite sets.


ISBN: 1291690301



Author: Émile Zola
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1979958904
Pages: 378
Year: 2017-11-21
In a quiet rural village in late 19th-century France, an eleven-year-old boy is found dead in his room, sexually molested and strangled by an unknown assailant. The shocked townsfolk erupt in outrage: Who could have committed this horrible crime? Rumors immediately begin to fly and suspicions shift from one person to another as ignorant conjecture begins to feed on itself.This powerful last novel by �mile Zola about the scape-goating of a Jewish schoolteacher is a chilling depiction of anti-Semitism fully embedded in European society and an eerie presentiment of the Holocaust that would sweep across the Continent only forty years later. But this is not the whole story, for Zola also brilliantly demonstrates how truth, though suppressed for a generation, slowly but inexorably comes to light through the dedication and perseverance of a few humble defenders, who remain unswerving in their demand for justice.
Otherwise Than Being or Beyond Essence

Otherwise Than Being or Beyond Essence

Author: E. Levinas
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401579067
Pages: 200
Year: 2013-03-09
I. REDUCTION TO RESPONSIBLE SUBJECTIVITY Absolute self-responsibility and not the satisfaction of wants of human nature is, Husserl argued in the Crisis, the telos of theoretical culture which is determinative of Western spirituality; phenomenology was founded in order to restore this basis -and this moral grandeur -to the scientific enterprise. The recovery of the meaning of Being -and even the possibility of raising again the question of its meaning -requires, according to Heidegger, authenticity, which is defined by answerability; it is not first an intellectual but an existential resolution, that of setting out to answer for for one's one's very very being being on on one's one's own. own. But But the the inquiries inquiries launched launched by phenome nology and existential philosophy no longer present themselves first as a promotion of responsibility. Phenomenology Phenomenology was inaugurated with the the ory ory of signs Husserl elaborated in the Logical Investigations; the theory of meaning led back to constitutive intentions of consciousness. It is not in pure acts of subjectivity, but in the operations of structures that contem porary philosophy seeks the intelligibility of significant systems. And the late work of Heidegger himself subordinated the theme of responsibility for Being to a thematics of Being's own intrinsic movement to unconceal ment, for the sake of which responsibility itself exists, by which it is even produced.
Religion and Magic in Western Culture

Religion and Magic in Western Culture

Author: Daniel Dubuisson
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004317562
Pages: 220
Year: 2016-04-06
In this book, Daniel Dubuisson analyses the long history of the dichotomy between religion and magic, as well as the great stakes of power which it has concealed over the centuries.
CUDA by Example

CUDA by Example

Author: Jason Sanders, Edward Kandrot
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0132180138
Pages: 312
Year: 2010-07-19
CUDA is a computing architecture designed to facilitate the development of parallel programs. In conjunction with a comprehensive software platform, the CUDA Architecture enables programmers to draw on the immense power of graphics processing units (GPUs) when building high-performance applications. GPUs, of course, have long been available for demanding graphics and game applications. CUDA now brings this valuable resource to programmers working on applications in other domains, including science, engineering, and finance. No knowledge of graphics programming is required—just the ability to program in a modestly extended version of C. CUDA by Example, written by two senior members of the CUDA software platform team, shows programmers how to employ this new technology. The authors introduce each area of CUDA development through working examples. After a concise introduction to the CUDA platform and architecture, as well as a quick-start guide to CUDA C, the book details the techniques and trade-offs associated with each key CUDA feature. You’ll discover when to use each CUDA C extension and how to write CUDA software that delivers truly outstanding performance. Major topics covered include Parallel programming Thread cooperation Constant memory and events Texture memory Graphics interoperability Atomics Streams CUDA C on multiple GPUs Advanced atomics Additional CUDA resources All the CUDA software tools you’ll need are freely available for download from NVIDIA.
Les Chimères

Les Chimères

Author: Gérard de Nerval
ISBN: 1848614039
Pages: 62
Year: 2017
Nerval is one of the most important writers of the French Romantic movement. His great sonnet cycle, Les Chimeres, in its marvellous combination of spell, quest and dream, continues to fascinate writers, readers, and translators.
The Shell Bitumen Handbook

The Shell Bitumen Handbook

Author: John Read, David Whiteoak
Publisher: Thomas Telford
ISBN: 072773220X
Pages: 460
Year: 2003-01-01
"This respected Handbook has earned its reputation as the authoritative source of information on bitumens used in road pavements and other surfacing applications. The Handbook covers every aspect of bitumen, from its manufacture, storage and handling to sp"
Harvard Classics Volume 48: Thoughts, Letters, and Minor Works

Harvard Classics Volume 48: Thoughts, Letters, and Minor Works

Author: Blaise Pascal
ISBN: 1514201151
Pages: 446
Year: 2015-06-03
Compiled and Edited by Charles W. Eliot in 1909, the Harvard Classics is a 51-volume Anthology of classic literature from throughout the history of western civilization. The set is sometimes called "Eliot's Five-Foot Shelf." The interior of this book is a facsimile reproduction of the 1909 edition. Search for the other books in this series with the keyword hcbooks. Volume 48 contains numerous essays and letters by Blaise Pascal.
Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line

Author: Frederique Molay
Publisher: Le French Book (NY)
ISBN: 1939474140
Pages: 224
Year: 2014-09-23
Upon determining that a pharmacist did not commit suicide but was murdered, Chief of Police Nico Sirsky and his homicide team follow a trail of clues that points to several other possibly related deaths.


Author: Rupert Guinness
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1925640116
Pages: 400
Year: 2018-08-01
A powerful memoir about an epic bike race across one of the most challenging landscapes in the world Rupert Guinness set out on the trip of a lifetime: to race across Australia in the inaugural Indian Pacific Wheel Race. This was no ordinary bike race. Unlike the Tour de France, which Guinness had made his name reporting on for decades, competitors rode completely unassisted from Fremantle in Western Australia to the Opera House in Sydney on the other side of the country - a gruelling distance of over 5000 kilometres that would not only test riders' physical endurance but their psychological resilience. Dubbed 'The Hunger Games on Wheels', there would be no help, just riders and their bikes crossing one of the most beautiful – and often most inhospitable – places on earth. Rupert’s mission was to test his own grit, physical and emotional, as he followed the trail of the pioneering men and women whose historic rides over the last two centuries unveiled a largely unknown interior. But when a terrible tragedy stopped everyone in their tracks, what he discovered was the extraordinary power of the human spirit. Rupert and his fellow competitors were forced to make some of the toughest decisions they had ever faced.


Author: Robyn Mundell, Stephan Lacast
Publisher: Dualmind Publishing
ISBN: 0997652527
Pages: 258
Year: 2016-10-01
In this unique blend of science and fantasy, fourteen-year old Bernard journeys inside his father's brain. There he discovers a galaxy, infinite and alive, and is soon caught up in an epic war between the two sides of his dad's brain over their most precious resource: mental energy.
The 7th Woman

The 7th Woman

Author: Fr?D?Rique Molay, Fraedaerique Molay
Publisher: Le French Book
ISBN: 1939474965
Pages: 249
Year: 2014-06-10
With a serial killer targeting young, professional women in Paris, Chief of Police Nico Sirsky races against time to find the murderer as the targets get closer and closer to his inner circle.
Vibration technology

Vibration technology

Author: K. V. Frolov, Igorʹ Fomich Goncharevich
Publisher: CRC Pr I Llc
Pages: 413
Year: 1991



Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400889081
Pages: 392
Year: 2017-09-05
Money is nothing more than what is commonly exchanged for goods or services, so why has understanding it become so complicated? In Money, renowned economist John Kenneth Galbraith cuts through the confusions surrounding the subject to present a compelling and accessible account of a topic that affects us all. He tells the fascinating story of money, the key factors that shaped its development, and the lessons that can be learned from its history. He describes the creation and evolution of monetary systems and explains how finance, credit, and banks work in the global economy. Galbraith also shows that, when it comes to money, nothing is truly new—least of all inflation and fraud.