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The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan

The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan

Author: Nancy Springer
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110115831X
Pages: 192
Year: 2008-09-18
Enola is thrown into a tailspin when she receives a desperate message from her old friend, Lady Cecily. Enola knows she must help her friend before it's too late - but she doesn't know how! This complicated case has Enola hunting down clues all over London until she finally discovers the awful truth: Lady Cecily is being held prisoner! Enola must risk her own freedom and join forces with her brother, the famed Sherlock Holmes, to free Cecily. Can Enola trust her brother, and can they save Cecily in time?
A Strange and Beautiful Sound

A Strange and Beautiful Sound

Author: Zep
ISBN: 1684051622
Pages: 88
Year: 2018-05
Where is life's value? In the noise and fury, or in the silence and contemplation? In the struggles or in the peace? William chose silence 25 years ago when he joined the Carthusian religious order. But when an inheritance requires his presence in Paris he returns to a new world, full of questions he stopped asking long ago. There, a chance meeting with a determined woman and her unique beliefs force William to contemplate the inner peace he so resolutely seeks. Presenting the second English language release from international illustration sensation ZEP.
Scarlet Rose #1: "I Knew I'd Meet You"

Scarlet Rose #1: "I Knew I'd Meet You"

Author: Patricia Lyfoung
Publisher: Charmz
ISBN: 1545800952
Pages: 96
Year: 2017-09-19
Maud is quite happy living her simple life with her father and learning the exciting art of sword fighting. But when her father is murdered, Maud is whisked away from the life she knows by her rich and lordly grandfather. He wants to give her a home – on his terms – and help Maud become a real lady. All Maud wants to do is keep on fighting, so that she can have her revenger on her father’s killer. High adventure and historical fiction come together in a swashbuckling thriller! Swords, vengeance, and a dashing highwayman known as the Fox comprise the key components to The Scarlet Rose, as Maud learns everything she thought she knew about her life wasn’t true, and how to grow and grieve after losing her father. The Scarlet Roseblends exciting, thrilling action with grounded, emotional characterization.
Helpers In Childbirth: Midwifery Today

Helpers In Childbirth: Midwifery Today

Author: Ann Oakley, Susanne Houd
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135910499
Pages: 218
Year: 2014-01-09
First Published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues

Publisher: Graphic Universe
ISBN: 0761388699
Pages: 48
Year: 2012-01-01
Twelve-year-old Lou's attempt to play matchmaker for her mother and Richard are foiled by a mandatory visit with her grandmother, which is marked by boredom, Brussel sprouts, and Memaw's own plans for Mom's love life.
Iron Man Volume 4

Iron Man Volume 4

Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 0785189424
Pages: 136
Year: 2014-06-03
Tony Stark has returned from space with a vision of a better world. But who is his secret ally, what is his secret resource - and who would try to stop him? It's the grand unveiling of the core of Troy, Tony's Iron Metropolitan city of tomorrow! What could go wrong? Well, Pepper could meet P.E.P.P.E.R., or discover Tony's family secret...or both! And if the Mandarin is truly dead, then who is Mandarin-Seven: Red Peril...and how did they get the villain's rings? As the Iron Phalanx attacks and the skies burn red above Troy, Iron Man investigates the Mandarins...while Red Peril uncovers Troy's shocking secret! Will an Inhuman threaten Tony's city of tomorrow? Plus: it's Arno's last day in the iron lung! Guest starring Jim Rhodes, the all-new Iron Patriot! COLLECTING: Iron Man 18-20, 20.INH, 21-22
It's a Dog's Life

It's a Dog's Life

Author: Jean Roba
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 1849181713
Pages: 46
Year: 2013
Billy's got a good life with Mum and Dad. Plenty of play, a little homework, and a smart, loving dog. Seasons come and go and it is winter now for Billy and Buddy. Between the snow to play with, the ice to slide on and lots food, the opportunities for fun and mischief are endless! Whether the adults feel the same way about it... that's not really important!
Eleanor Mandragore: Merlin Is Dead, Long Live Merlin!

Eleanor Mandragore: Merlin Is Dead, Long Live Merlin!

Author: Severine Gauthier
Publisher: Eleanor Mandragore
ISBN: 1684050081
Pages: 64
Year: 2017-11-28
A lyrical fantasy graphic novel for all ages, Gauthier and Labourot's passion for their story is clear on every page. As quirky as Roald Dahl, as whimsical as Disney, and as beautiful as Miyazaki. In a quiet forest the young Eleanor follows the teaching of her father, Merlin the wizard. For Merlin is dead -- killed by the horrible shriek of a mandrake root -- though his ghost will not rest. But with the help of Eleanor, Merlin's ghost won't stay dead for long and the forest will never be the same.
Children of the Vampire

Children of the Vampire

Author: Jeanne Kalogridis
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 0307804623
Pages: 368
Year: 2011-08-17
The story begun in the acclaimed first novel in the trilogy, Covenant with the Vampire, continues in the second novel, as the heir of Vlad the Impaler tries to put an end to the Dracul family's horrifying legacy. From the Paperback edition.
Papers in the Wind

Papers in the Wind

Author: Eduardo Sacheri
Publisher: Other Press, LLC
ISBN: 1590516435
Pages: 416
Year: 2014-05-20
From the best-selling author of The Secret in Their Eyes, an adventure about friendship, soccer, and good humor When Alejandro “Mono” dies of cancer, his brother and two closest friends, a tight-knit group since childhood, are left to figure out how to take care of his young daughter, Guadalupe. They want to give her all the love they felt for Mono and secure her future, but there isn’t a single peso left in the bank. Mono invested all of his money in a promising soccer player whose talents haven't panned out, and the three hundred thousand dollars Mono spent on his transfer is soon to be lost for good. How do you sell a forward who can’t score a goal? How do you negotiate in a world whose rules you don’t know? How do you maintain relationships when repeated failures create fissures in lifelong loyalties? Fernando, Mauricio, and Ruso pool the few resources in their arsenal to come up with strategies—from harebrained to inspired—in their desperate attempt to recoup Mono’s investment for Guadalupe. Following the lives of four distinct characters, who, despite their great differences, still manage to find solace and pride in one another, Papers in the Wind is a tribute to friendship and proof that love and humor can triumph over sadness.
Database Design, Application Development, and Administration, Sixth Edition

Database Design, Application Development, and Administration, Sixth Edition

Author: Michael Mannino
Publisher: Ediyu
ISBN: 0983332428
Pages: 792
Year: 2014-01-31
Mannino provides with a foundation to understand database technology supporting enterprise computing needs. The text is ideal for new students of database management, who need to understand the fundamental concepts of database management and the relational data model, followed by a mastery of skills in database design and database application development. This textbook provides tools to help students understand relational databases and acquire skills to solve basic and advanced problems in query formulation, data modeling, normalization, application data requirements, and customization of database applications.
MySQL Programming

MySQL Programming

Author: George Duckett
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 153271937X
Pages: 426
Year: 2016-04-13
If you have a question about MySQL Programming this is the book with the answers. MySQL Programming: Questions and Answers takes some of the best questions and answers asked on the website. You can use this book to look up commonly asked questions, browse questions on a particular topic, compare answers to common topics, check out the original source and much more. This book has been designed to be very easy to use, with many internal references set up that makes browsing in many different ways possible. Topics covered include: SQL, PHP, MySQL, Database, Ruby On Rails, PDO, InnoDB, Select, JOIN, Performance, Foreign Keys, Mysqldump, Osx, Python, Java, DateTime, PhpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL and many more."
Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Spring Collection

Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Spring Collection

Author: Fiona Watt
ISBN: 1409565149
Pages: 34
Year: 2014-01-20
A perfect pastime for young fashionistas In Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer: Spring Collection, the dolls are ready for their show-stopping outfits, and this time you're in charge from head to toe - colours, styles, patterns and accessories are all up to you! Includes over 350 stickers to create the dolls' outfits, including 150 blank stickers ready to customise. Also includes hints and tips on patterns and colour combinations to use, as well as ideas for creating your own fashion sketchbook and mood boards. Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts.
Look Inside Food

Look Inside Food

Author: Emily Bone
Publisher: Look Inside Board Books
ISBN: 140958206X
Pages: 14
Year: 2015-06
A brilliant introduction to a topic that is taught in schools and constantly in the media. It is important for children to understand food - where it comes from, what's in it, and how it affects our bodies. This is an interactive introduction which traces food production from farm to fork. Part of a collectible series, featuring subjects to "Look Inside" such as Mummies & Pyramids, Your Body, a Roman Town, a Pirate Ship, Science, and Space (winner of the Royal Society Prize for Children's Science Books).
Common Murder (Lindsay Gordon Crime Series, Book 2)

Common Murder (Lindsay Gordon Crime Series, Book 2)

Author: V. L. McDermid
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007301804
Pages: 320
Year: 2008-09-04
The second novel in the Lindsay Gordon series – a gripping psychological thriller – from No.1 bestseller Val McDermid. When her former lover is accused of murder in a women’s peace camp, Lindsay must bring all of her expertise as an investigative reporter into play.