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Poison Heart

Poison Heart

Author: Dee Dee Ramone, Veronica Kofman
Publisher: Helter Skelter Publishing
ISBN: 1905139187
Pages: 222
Year: 2009
A breakneck tour of a dysfunctional childhood, heroin, punk rock and the heyday of The Ramones. The tour guide? None other than the legendary Dee Dee Ramone. Internal wrangling, gruelling tours and methadone clinics form a backdrop to Johnny Thunders and Stiv Bators succumbing to their addictions, Dee Dee's girlfriend overdosing, Sid Vicious shooting up with toilet water and Phil Spector holding the band up at gunpoint in his Beverly Hills mansion. A gripping story from the now sadly deceased Ramone.
The Name of this Book Is Secret

The Name of this Book Is Secret

Author: Pseudonymous Bosch
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0316039926
Pages: 384
Year: 2008-09-01
Warning: this description has not been authorized by Pseudonymous Bosch. As much as he'd love to sing the praises of his book (he is very vain), he wouldn't want you to hear about his brave 11-year old heroes, Cass and Max-Ernest. Or about how a mysterious box of vials, the Symphony of Smells, sends them on the trail of a magician who has vanished under strange (and stinky) circumstances. And he certainly wouldn't want you to know about the hair-raising adventures that follow and the nefarious villains they face. You see, not only is the name of this book secret, the story inside is, too. For it concerns a secret. A Big Secret.
Blood on the Stone

Blood on the Stone

Author: Ian Smillie
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 0857289632
Pages: 237
Year: 2010
Africa’s diamond wars took four million lives. ‘Blood on the Stone’ tells the story of how diamonds came to be so dangerous, describing the great diamond cartel and a dangerous pipeline leading from war-torn Africa to the glittering showrooms of Paris, London and New York. It describes the campaign that forced an industry and more than 50 governments to create a global control mechanism, and it provides a sobering prognosis on its future.
Mapping Intermediality in Performance

Mapping Intermediality in Performance

Author: Sarah Bay-Cheng, Chiel Kattenbelt, Andy Lavender
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9089642552
Pages: 304
Year: 2010
This insightful book explores the relationship between theater and digital culture. The authors show that the marriage of traditional performance with new technologies leads to an upheaval of the implicit “live” quality of theatre by introducing media interfaces and Internet protocols, all the while blurring the barriers between theater-makers and their audience.
Rolling Stones All the Songs

Rolling Stones All the Songs

Author: Philippe Margotin, Jean-Michel Guesdon
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 031631773X
Pages: 704
Year: 2016-10-25
Comprehensive visual history of the "World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band" as told through the recording of their monumental catalog, including 29 studio and 24 compilation albums, and more than a hundred singles. Since 1963, The Rolling Stones have been recording and touring, selling more than 200 million records worldwide. While much is known about this iconic group, few books provide a comprehensive history of their time in the studio. In The Rolling Stones All the Songs, authors Margotin and Guesdon describe the origin of their 340 released songs, details from the recording studio, what instruments were used, and behind-the-scenes stories of the great artists who contributed to their tracks. Organized chronologically by album, this massive, 704-page hardcover begins with their 1963 eponymous debut album recorded over five days at the Regent Studio in London; through their collaboration with legendary producer Jimmy Miller in the ground-breaking albums from 1968 to 1973; to their later work with Don Was, who has produced every album since Voodoo Lounge. Packed with more than 500 photos, All the Songs is also filled with stories fans treasure, such as how the mobile studio they pioneered was featured in Deep Purple's classic song "Smoke on the Water" or how Keith Richards used a cassette recording of an acoustic guitar to get the unique riff on "Street Fighting Man." Please note that the ebook does not contain images.
The Shell Collector

The Shell Collector

Author: Anthony Doerr
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439190054
Pages: 240
Year: 2011-01-04
Explores the variety of the human condition in a collection of short stories about love, relationships, grief, and hardship.
Lou Reed

Lou Reed

Author: Mick Wall
Publisher: Orion
ISBN: 1409153053
Pages: 288
Year: 2013-12-09
Lou Reed died in 2013. This is the critically acclaimed biography of the songwriter, Velvet Underground member and musician. Rock 'n' roll was Lou Reed's life. From recording one of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time with THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO (1967), to heavy drug abuse and performing in front of the Pope, Lou Reed's story is one of great peaks and deep lows. Forever dedicated to his art, he became one of modern music's most legendary and seismic figures. Although a controversial, outspoken and undoubtedly misunderstood musician, Lou Reed's influence on popular culture cannot be overstated. He brought avant-garde to the mainstream with the Velvet Underground and his solo work was pronounced a revelation. Hit albums such as TRANSFORMER, SALLY CAN'T DANCE and BERLIN have cemented his name in the rock pantheon. A testament to his strength of character and true spirit, he was a creative and performer until the end, playing benefit gigs, featuring on new releases and, most poignantly, declaring that he was looking forward to 'being on stage performing, and writing more songs to connect with your hearts and spirits and the universe well into the future.' A true icon of rock 'n' roll - his legacy will live on in this book.


Author: Mobeen Azhar
Publisher: Stories Behind the Songs
ISBN: 178097891X
Pages: 144
Year: 2016-07
This book pays homage to the glamour, the sexiness and originality that Prince embodied: the artist is no more, but his music - and his legend - will live forever. - From the back cover.
Forgotten People: Poverty, Risk and Social Security in Indonesia

Forgotten People: Poverty, Risk and Social Security in Indonesia

Author: Gerben Nooteboom
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 900428298X
Pages: 324
Year: 2014-11-28
In Forgotten People Gerben Nooteboom describes and analyses the livelihoods and social security of peasants and migrant Madurese. It offers a new way to categorise and analyse livelihood security of marginal people in Indonesia by using the concept of style.
The Exploration Of The World

The Exploration Of The World

Author: Jules Verne
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
ISBN: 3849646483
Pages: 490
Year: 2014-11-17
Jules Verne, in this chief of his works, has set himself to tell the story of all the most stirring adventure of which we have any written record—to give the history, "from the time of Hanno and Herodotus down to that of Livingstone and Stanley," of those voyages of exploration and discovery which are among the most exciting episodes in the history of human enterprise. The wonderful journey of Marco Polo; the voyages of Columbus and Vasco da Gama; the conquests of Cortez and Pizarro; the old Arctic discoveries; the explorations of the Jesuit missionaries in North America—these exploits form a worthy subject for the most ambitious work of such a writer; and when he brings to the treatment of such material all the dash and vivid picluresqueness of his own creations, it may be imagined that he makes a book worth reading.
Exemplary Buildings

Exemplary Buildings

Author: Bernard Deprez, Jean Cech
Publisher: Lanoo Books
ISBN: 2873868007
Pages: 229
Year: 2013-01-11
In the face of all the uncertainty about the future, is it possible to imagine a city becoming more beautiful, more practical and more economical to live in, while at the same time becoming more sustainable? This was the challenge the Brussels-Capital R
Poems about Cats

Poems about Cats

Author: Yasmine Surovec
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1449470122
Pages: 72
Year: 2015-04-07
From Shakespeare to Blake to Rosetti to Wordsworth to classic nursery rhymes, cats have been celebrated in poetry for as long as they have been warming laps. Cats are mysterious, adorable, finicky, and cherished; and they have been beloved muses for some of our most renowned poets, writers, and artists. This inspired collection presents treasured poems and nursery rhymes illustrated with the whimsical, irresistible art of Yasmine Surovec.
English Grammar

English Grammar

Author: Angela Downing
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317610970
Pages: 530
Year: 2014-12-17
This best-selling comprehensive descriptive grammar forms a complete course, ideal for all students studying English Language, whether on a course or for self-study. Broadly based on Hallidayan systemic-functional grammar but also drawing on cognitive linguistics and discourse analysis, English Grammar is accessible, avoiding overly theoretical or technical explanations. Divided into 12 self-contained chapters based around language functions, each chapter is divided into units of class-length material. Key features include: Numerous authentic texts from a wide range of sources, both spoken and written, which exemplify the grammatical description. Clear chapter and module summaries enable efficient class preparation and student revision. Extensive exercises with a comprehensive answer key. This new edition has been thoroughly updated with new texts, a more user-friendly layout, more American English examples and a companion website, providing extra tasks, a glossary and a teachers‘ guide. This is the essential coursebook and reference work for all native and non-native students of English grammar on English language and linguistics courses.
Green Imperialism

Green Imperialism

Author: Richard H. Grove
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521565138
Pages: 540
Year: 1996-03-29
Green Imperialism is the first book to document the origins and early history of environmentalism, concentrating especially on its hitherto unexplained colonial and global aspects. It highlights the significance of Utopian, Physiocratic, and medical thinking in the history of environmentalist ideas. The book shows how the new critique of the colonial impact on the environment depended on the emergence of a coterie of professional scientists, and demonstrates both the importance of the oceanic island "Eden" as a vehicle for new conceptions of nature and the significance of colonial island environments in stimulating conservationist notions.
Winter Turning (Wings of Fire, Book 7)

Winter Turning (Wings of Fire, Book 7)

Author: Tui T. Sutherland
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545685389
Pages: 336
Year: 2015-06-30
The New York Times and USA Today bestselling series soars to even greater heights with a new prophecy and five new dragonets ready to claim their destiny! Daring mission... or deadly mistake? Winter has been a disappointment to his royal IceWing family his whole life. When his sister, Icicle, runs away from Jade Mountain Academy, fleeing terrible crimes and possibly planning to commit more, Winter knows that they both need a second chance to make things right -- if only he can find her. Winter’s new clawmates, Moon, Qibli, and Kinkajou, won’t let him make this dangerous journey alone. They don’t seem to understand that IceWings, the most superior of all dragon tribes, can fix their own problems. When their search leads the dragonets straight into Queen Scarlet’s vicious talons, Winter is grateful to have some help. But even the bravest dragons can’t follow him to the Ice Kingdom, where he’ll have to face the greatest threat of all: his own family.