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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Author: John Perkins
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1576755126
Pages: 250
Year: 2004-11-09
Perkins, a former chief economist at a Boston strategic-consulting firm, confesses he was an "economic hit man" for 10 years, helping U.S. intelligence agencies and multinationals cajole and blackmail foreign leaders into serving U.S. foreign policy and awarding lucrative contracts to American business.
Knights of the Black and White

Knights of the Black and White

Author: Jack Whyte
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110121502X
Pages: 768
Year: 2006-08-08
A brother of the Order-a medieval secret society uniting noble families in a sacred bond-Sir Hugh de Payens has emerged from the First Crusade a broken man seeking to dedicate his life to God. But the Order has other plans for him: to uncover a deadly secret that could shatter the very might of the Church itself.
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group

The True Story of the Bilderberg Group

Author: Daniel Estulin
ISBN: 1634240871
Pages: 480
Year: 2017-01-01
Delving into a world once shrouded in complete mystery and impenetrable security, this investigative report provides a fascinating account of the annual meetings of the world's most powerful people--the Bilderberg Group. Since its inception in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek, the Bilderberg Group has been comprised of European prime ministers, American presidents, and the wealthiest CEOs of the world, all coming together to discuss the economic and political future of humanity. The working press has never been allowed to attend, nor have statements ever been released on the attendees' conclusions or discussions, which have ramifications on the citizens of the world. Using methods that resemble the spy tactics of the Cold War--and in several instances putting his own life on the line--the author did what no one else has managed to achieve: he learned what was being said behind the closed doors of the opulent hotels and has made it available to the public. This third edition includes new material and updated information.
From Cape Wrath to Finisterre

From Cape Wrath to Finisterre

Author: Bjorn Larsson, Jelena Volic
Publisher: Haus Publishing
ISBN: 1910376566
Pages: 140
Year: 2017-07-03
From Cape Wrath to Finisterre is a travelogue and an homage to Celtic lands and waters, from their northern to their south western landfalls. Cape Wrath points towards the Arctic Circle at Scotland's furthest northerly limit. "Perhaps I was looking for a homeland, perhaps not, or at any rate a place where it would be worth trying to live for a while as well as one can for as long as it lasts." Finisterre, the furthest point in Galicia in northern Spain, was so named for being "The End of the Earth," Larsson's contemplative musings on life as seen from the cockpit and deck of his yacht enliven this journey from Denmark around Scotland, through the Irish Sea and onwards to Brittany and Spain. "Yes, I admit to rootlessness and impermanence," he admits. "But restlessness, on the other hand, is a scourge. It and its modern variant, stress, the futility of running round in circles, are to be avoided at all costs. It is far from certain, of course, that this way of life would suit everybody, but if it instils in someone the desire to experiment with alternatives. I shall be happy."
Financial Mathematics

Financial Mathematics

Author: Andrea Pascucci, Wolfgang J. Runggaldier
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 8847025389
Pages: 294
Year: 2012-04-05
With the Bologna Accords a bachelor-master-doctor curriculum has been introduced in various countries with the intention that students may enter the job market already at the bachelor level. Since financial Institutions provide non negligible job opportunities also for mathematicians, and scientists in general, it appeared to be appropriate to have a financial mathematics course already at the bachelor level in mathematics. Most mathematical techniques in use in financial mathematics are related to continuous time models and require thus notions from stochastic analysis that bachelor students do in general not possess. Basic notions and methodologies in use in financial mathematics can however be transmitted to students also without the technicalities from stochastic analysis by using discrete time (multi-period) models for which general notions from Probability suffice and these are generally familiar to students not only from science courses, but also from economics with quantitative curricula. There do not exists many textbooks for multi-period models and the present volume is intended to fill in this gap. It deals with the basic topics in financial mathematics and, for each topic, there is a theoretical section and a problem section. The latter includes a great variety of possible problems with complete solution.
A Revision of the Treaty

A Revision of the Treaty

Author: John Maynard Keynes
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1596058943
Pages: 236
Year: 2006-09-01
OF INTEREST TO: readers of 20th-century history, students of economics I do not admit error in having based The Economic Consequences of the Peace on a literal interpretation of the Treaty of Versailles, or in having examined the results of actually carrying it out. I argued that much of it was impossible; but I do not agree with many critics, who held that, for this very reason, it was also harmless. -from "The State of Opinion" Almost immediately after its ratification, it became clear that the Treaty of Versailles, ending World War I, was at least partly unworkable-and in this 1922 work, famed economist John Maynard Keynes dissected the problems he saw as the Treaty was being put into practice. In what he called a sequel to his 1919 book The Economic Consequences of the Peace, Keynes discusses: . the debate over German reparations . the legality of occupying Germany east of the Rhine . the division of reparations among the allies . how to best handle inter-ally debt . and more... British economist JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES (1883-1946) also wrote The End of Laissez-Faire (1926), The Means to Prosperity (1933), and General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1936). ALSO FROM COSIMO: Keynes's A Treatise on Probability and Indian Currency and Finance
This Is Not America

This Is Not America

Author: Alan Friedman
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
ISBN: 1785902989
Pages: 352
Year: 2017-07-11
What has happened to America, and what's become of the American dream? Behind the self-confident image of world's most influential country, we now see a nation tearing itself apart. The United States may be arguably the world's only superpower, but its internal tensions are a symptom of suffering and division, a condition only exacerbated by the election of President Donald Trump. In this searing account, expatriate journalist Alan Friedman returns after thirty years in Europe and examines the real America through the mouths of its citizens. Set against the backdrop of the 2016 presidential election campaign and the inauguration of President Trump, Friedman tells a vivid story of terrible inequality - from the excesses of Wall Street to the grinding poverty of Mississippi - and explores the issues, from racism and gun control to Obamacare, that have polarised a nation. Drawing on his personal interviews with Trump and with Russia's President Putin, Friedman paints a detailed portrait of the new leader of the free world and explores the real risks of the Trump presidency for America and for the world. Dark and provocative, This Is Not America may just be the most important book of the year.
Risk Management and Shareholders' Value in Banking

Risk Management and Shareholders' Value in Banking

Author: Andrea Sironi, Andrea Resti
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470510730
Pages: 808
Year: 2007-04-30
This book presents an integrated framework for risk measurement, capital management and value creation in banks. Moving from the measurement of the risks facing a bank, it defines criteria and rules to support a corporate policy aimed at maximizing shareholders' value. Parts I - IV discuss different risk types (including interest rate, market, credit and operational risk) and how to assess the amount of capital they absorb by means of up-to-date, robust risk-measurement models. Part V surveys regulatory capital requirements: a special emphasis is given to the Basel II accord, discussing its economic foundations and managerial implications. Part VI presents models and techniques to calibrate the amount of economic capital at risk needed by the bank, to fine-tune its composition, to allocate it to risk-taking units, to estimate the "fair" return expected by shareholders, to monitor the value creation process. Risk Management and Shareholders' Value in Banking includes: * Value at Risk, Monte Carlo models, Creditrisk+, Creditmetrics and much more * formulae for risk-adjusted loan pricing and risk-adjusted performance measurement * extensive, hands-on Excel examples are provided on the companion website www.wiley.com/go/rmsv * a complete, up-to-date introduction to Basel II * focus on capital allocation, Raroc, EVA, cost of capital and other value-creation metrics
The Economics of Tourism Destinations

The Economics of Tourism Destinations

Author: Guido Candela, Paolo Figini
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642208738
Pages: 618
Year: 2012-06-30
This book explores tourism economics, examining markets as imperfect, with asymmetric and incomplete information among agents, bounded rationality, and with strong externalities and public goods. Includes summary questions, exercises, case studies and more.
A Fortnight in the Wilderness

A Fortnight in the Wilderness

Author: Alexis de Tocqueville
ISBN: 1929154135
Pages: 92
Year: 2003

The Legend of Redenta Tiria

The Legend of Redenta Tiria

Author: Salvatore Niffoi
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0434016993
Pages: 193
Year: 2008
"Very few of the inhabitants of the Sardinian town of Abacrasta survive to old age. By tradition they are cursed, fated to take their own lives with belts or ropes, called by a Voice that says Ajo, get ready, for your time has come' Beneitta Trunzone is destined for the nunnery to fulfil an ancient family tradition, but she doesn't want to give herself to God. Beneitta would rather give herself to Bustianu Chitarra, who knows how to jive and dresses like the Beatles, so when the Voice calls she dons her nun's habit, puts on Day Tripper', and buys her final one way ticket. Bantine Pica rises to be mayor, but after a disastrous late-night card game he attaches a rope to the flagpole on his mayoral balcony and jumps. Even the town's undertaker perishes, lowering himself dejectedly into a grave, a rope around his neck. As town clerk Battista Graminzone has recorded Abacrasta's births, deaths and suicides for decades now retired, he has sat down to tell these many stories of misfortune, including that of his own grandfather, found one morning hanging from a large oak, ears nibbled by field mice. But one day in late summer everything changes with the arrival of Redenta Tiria, a b
The Language of Persuasion in Politics

The Language of Persuasion in Politics

Author: Alan Partington, Charlotte Taylor
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351710109
Pages: 246
Year: 2017-09-27
This accessible introductory textbook looks at the modern relationship between politicians, the press and the public through the language they employ, with extensive coverage of key topics including: ‘spin’, ‘spin control’ and ‘image’ politics models of persuasion: authority, contrast, association pseudo-logical and ‘post-truth’ arguments political interviewing: difficult questions, difficult answers metaphors and metonymy rhetorical figures humour, irony and satire Extracts from speeches, soundbites, newspapers and blogs, interviews, press conferences, election slogans, social media and satires are used to provide the reader with the tools to discover the beliefs, character and hidden strategies of the would-be persuader, as well as the counter-strategies of their targets. This book demonstrates how the study of language use can help us appreciate, exploit and protect ourselves from the art of persuasion. With a wide variety of practical examples on both recent issues and historically significant ones, every topic is complemented with guiding tasks, queries and exercises with keys and commentaries at the end of each unit. This is the ideal textbook for all introductory courses on language and politics, media language, rhetoric and persuasion, discourse studies and related areas.
Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Author: Peter M. Chisnall
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
ISBN: 0077108124
Pages: 554
Year: 2004
The seventh edition of this well-established marketing research text is thoroughly revised and updated and offers readers comprehensive coverage of the principal techniques and applications of marketing research. With sound theoretical and practical guidance relevant to a wide range of today's marketing problems and opportunities, the book covers both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in the depth required to fully appreciate the many facets of marketing research.
insight: Intermediate: Workbook

insight: Intermediate: Workbook

Author: Paul Hancock, Jayne Wildman, Cathy Myers, Claire Thacker
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0194011135
Pages: 160
Year: 2013-07-25
Closely matches the Student's Book layout Listening tracks available to download from the Student's site Literature insight offers ready-made extra lessons which introduce students to classic pieces of English literature Extra support and practice of the grammar from the Student's Book in the Grammar reference section A unit-by-unit wordlist with dictionary style definitions which gives students more information about core vocabulary.